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ABO Wind Code of Conduct

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Supplier Code of Conduct

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Environmental Guidelines

Environmental Guidelines of ABO Wind AG

Preamble: General objectives in environmental protection

ABO Wind and its employees are committed to the creation of a renewable energy supply. This goal is based on a comprehensive understanding of the protection of the environment and the natural foundations of life. We strive to turn ecologically conscious thinking and acting into a given within our daily work.


Fields of action

Legal compliance: We are committed to strictly observing laws, standards, and regulations. If it makes sense from our point of view, we also go beyond the legal standard. For example, ABO Wind often voluntarily carries out additional environmental impact assessments for wind energy projects not required by law.


Continuous improvement: We strive to continuously optimise the impact that our work has on the environment. We regularly conduct environmental audits. The results help us to eliminate any deficiencies in the best possible way and to continuously improve.


Employees: We have responsible employees. Through education and an in-house culture of open discussion, we continue to sensitise them to behave in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.


Environmental/climate protection: Our activities in the company’s core business (construction of plants for the use of renewable energies) directly contribute to climate protection. It is our concern to also act in an environmentally friendly way when implementing these projects (use of regional products, choice of suppliers, etc.).


Other: ABO Wind realises meaningful projects in which ecology and economy are in harmony. We set a good example for our shareholders and customers. We want to fulfil the expectations placed on us regarding ecological behaviour, and also encourage our business partners to act in an environmentally friendly manner.



In July 2016, the city of Wiesbaden awarded ABO Wind’s Wiesbaden headquarters as a so-called “Ökoprofit” (eco profit) company and as an Ökoprofit energy company for environmental achievements. The award recognises the company's environmentally friendly, socially responsible and energy-conscious way of working. The City of Wiesbaden has published more information on its website.


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