Development & Construction

The development and implementation of large renewable energy projects is a complex undertaking. At ABO Wind, experts from a wide range of disciplines work closely together. This allows us to provide all steps of wind and solar farm development and implementation – from site acquisition and assessment to financing, purchasing, construction, and grid connection. During the entire development process, close contact with local stakeholders is crucial. Thanks to our office locations around the world, we know the markets and needs of each individual region. We also involve citizens in the planning process at an early stage and give them the opportunity to participate financially.

Plants Built

~800 Plants Built

Developed and Sold

4 GW Realised

Development Pipeline

19 GW Development Pipeline

As a globally active company with more than 25 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and 900+ employees, we have the expertise and logistics to develop complex projects:

All Steps from a Single Source


  • Project Identification & Land Acquisition 
  • Environmental Impact Studies & Permitting 
  • Grid Connection Permission & Agreement 


  • Wind and Solar Measurement & Park Layout
  • Basic Engineering 
  • Detailed Engineering & Drawings 


  • Due Diligence 
  • Bank Financing 
  • Equity & Investor Search 


  • Tendering & Contract Negotiations
  • Supplier Audits & Quality Control
  • Logistics


  • Execution of Construction Sites
  • Supervision, Quality Control & Environmental Management 
  • Health and Safety


Wind energy was our starting point: ABO Wind has been successfully planning and constructing wind farms since 1996. To date, we have built wind farms with a capacity of more than 1,800 megawatts. With this experience, we connect even the most demanding wind energy projects to the grid. 


Since 2017, ABO Wind has also been developing and constructing large solar plants worldwide. In the first three years alone, we have installed solar farms with around 70 megawatts of capacity in five countries. Thanks to the expertise of our skilled planning, electrical and construction engineers, we build solar parks and the transformer stations they require in record time.


Battery & Hydrogen

ABO Wind develops hybrid energy projects that combine wind and solar energy with battery storage, stabilise grids, or supply island grids with clean electricity. In addition, we develop projects to produce green hydrogen for mobility and industrial off-takers.

Power Purchase Agreements

With a Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), companies with a high energy demand can benefit from a reliable, clean energy supply and long-term price certainty at steady costs, while at the same time improving their carbon footprint.



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