Nose Hill Wind Farm

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ABO Wind

ABO Wind and Clem Geo-Energy Corp are proposing to build a wind power project in the area north of Veteran, Alberta, named Nose Hill Wind Farm. The project is expected to consist of up to 16 turbines with a total capacity of up to 110 megawatts.

The community will benefit from tax revenues, additional income, job opportunities, and a clean energy supply.

Current status
Permitting process


September 2020: Current Development Stage

The project is completing the following steps: public consultation, environmental impact assessments, wind resource assessments, layout optimization and preliminary project engineering.

Studies to be completed

  • Wildlife: Birds, Bats and sensitive species
  • Vegetation: Habitat mapping and endangered species
  • Wetlands: Mapping and classification
  • Noise: Impact assessment
  • Shadow Flicker: Impact assessment
  • Historical Resource: Archaeological


Project information

Site Location

Site Location Map

The project is located in Special Areas No.4 and currently sits on approximately 3,000 acres of private land. The lands and elevated hills provide a great steady location to harness the wind.

Collector System: The project will utilize a medium voltage power collector system consisting wherever possible of underground cable that link the turbine to the substation.

Access Roads: The project will construct low profile roads for the access to the turbine units. The project may also require upgrades to existing county roads in the area.

Infrastructure: The project will include a substation to step the voltage up from the collector system to the transmission voltage. The project will also house an Operations and Maintenance building for the local maintenance staff.


Power Facility

Generating Capacity Up to 110 MW
Number of Turbines Up to 16
Maximum Rotor Diameter Up to 180 meters
Proposed Project Area 3,000 acres
Collector System Medium voltage power collector system consisting wherever possible of underground cable that link the turbine to the substation 


Megawatt (MW): A unit of bulk power 1,000 kilowatts

This information is based on preliminary design and is subject to change at the sole discretion of the project developers.




Q1 2019 Environmental Studies begin
Q4 2020 Stakeholder notification and consultation
Q1 2021 First Open House
Q3 2021 Second Open House
Q4 2021 Enter Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Permitting Process
Q2 2022 AUC Approval
Q3 2022 Start of Construction
Q2 2023 Anticipated Commercial Operations Date


Schedule is preliminary and is subject to change


Nose Hill Wind Farm


Nose Hill Wind Farm


Nose Hill Wind Farm


Clean Energy Targets

The proposed wind farm comprising up to 16 wind turbine generators will generate enough to supply a city of 90,000 homes with clean energy. In addition, the wind farm will help Alberta to reduce emissions and creates new jobs. The local government plans to add 5,000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity in order to reach the target of 30 percent of electricity generation from renewables by 2030.

The Developers

The project is owned by ABO Wind and by Clem Geo-Energy Corp.

ABO Wind is a German renewable energy pioneer founded in 1996. The Canadian subsidiary focuses on the development of wind energy and photovoltaic projects, and hybrid energy solutions. Learn more:

Clem Geo is a private company established in October 2014.  They are focused on building 2 utility scale wind facilities and are studying the economic feasibility of energy storage. Looking to the future, they are interested in facility and utility scale solar and energy storage, water sourcing, reclamation and desalination, recycling, research & development and geophysical services. Learn more:

Public Consultation

Nose Hill Wind Farm is committed to open and transparent development with local stakeholders. Currently we are in the process of consulting and notifying all stakeholders within two kilometers of our project boundary. Nose Hill will also notify and consult with government officials, industry, local businesses, local jurisdictions and will continue to be active in conversations throughout the course of the project.

A summary of all stakeholder comments will be included in the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Power plant Application. To learn more about the AUC application and review process please contact the AUC by phone at 780- 427-4903 or by email at You can access AUC’s website at


Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the area benefit from the wind farm?

Nose Hill Wind Farm will contribute to the community:

  • Creation of up to 200 construction jobs during construction and  7-10 permanent local positions
  • Supply chain opportunities for local businesses and companies
  • Contract opportunities during construction and operation including excavation, civil works, snow removal, road maintenance, fencing and reclamation
  • Increased local spending on goods and services in the neighboring areas
  • Road use agreements and upgrades to local road infrastructure
  • Landowner lease payments generate significant tax revenues for the county and town
How much space will the wind farm take up?

The project covers approximately 3,000 acres of private land. As little as one per cent of total acreage is needed for turbines and access roads. The remaining acreage is free for other uses, such as farming or ranching.

How does a wind turbine work?

Modern wind turbines have three components: the tower, the rotor consisting of three blades, and the nacelle. The hub transmits the rotational movement of the rotor blades inside the nacelle, where the generator transforms the kinetic energy into electricity. The electricity is transferred through underground cables to a substation where the voltage is stepped up to transmission level voltage. For a more detailed explanation, see this pdf.


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