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For a successful clean energy transition, we need innovative storage technologies. ABO Wind plans and implements stand-alone battery systems and hybrid energy systems that combine solar and/or wind energy with battery storage.

We focus on the supplying industrial customers with reliable energy by implementing micro grids, so-called peak shaving to optimise electricity costs, as well as grid stabilisation with the help of battery systems for the integration of renewable energies.

To this end, we analyse the energy needs of our customers, plan the optimal system and construct the system on a turnkey basis.

We have recently installed our first battery project, and developed a microgrid consisting of PV modules, battery storage and new charging points for electric mobility at our company’s headquarters in Germany. Several hybrid projects combining wind and solar energy and battery storage have secured tariffs in German tenders. The construction of our largest battery project to date with a capacity of 50 megawatts is under way in Northern Ireland.

Best Practise Examples

Hofgeismar, Germany

150 kVA / 445 kWh Battery. The installed battery storage increases the use of photovoltaic electricity generated on-site and replaces the emergency diesel generator. Commissioned in 2020.

Wiesbaden, Germany

At the ABO Wind headquarters in Wiesbaden, we implemented a micro-grid consisting of photovoltaic modules, battery storage and electric charging stations, which now supply the company fleet with green electricity. Commissioned in 2021.

Kells, Northern Ireland

50 MW / 25 MWh Battery project, scheduled commissioning in 2022.



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