ABO Wind plans, finances and constructs photovoltaic solar farms worldwide. Our main focus is on sunny regions in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Latin America. Currently, our solar team is working on a project pipeline of more than 5,000 megawatts, focusing mainly on large-scale projects with a capacity of at least five megawatts. We also acquire project rights at all stages of development.

70 MWp constructed

70 MWp

5.000 MWp Project Pipeline

5.000 MWp
Project Pipeline

We operate local offices in many countries around the world and know the local markets and conditions. Our solar team speaks eleven languages and takes care of project development, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as financing and operational management of the solar parks. If necessary, we also build transformer stations and take care of the grid connection. In our core countries, we are always on the lookout for suitable partners. If you are a landowner, co-developer, energy supplier or investor looking for a collaboration, please contact us.

Benefits of ABO Wind solar projects 

Photovoltaics and biodiversity

Solar parks have been proven to improve local biodiversity, as shown by various scientific studies. The land used for solar parks offers access and protection from disturbances to animals and other protected species. ABO Wind often uses native woody plants and regional seed mixtures for the greening of the ground below the installations. These flower-rich meadows and hedges benefit butterflies, birds, insects and bees. They in turn pollinate neighbouring agricultural land. PV systems can also help to relieve soil and protect groundwater. By converting arable land, the soil is spared from pesticides, fertilisers or liquid manure. Nitrate pollution, for example, is measurably reduced.

Innovative hybrid energy projects

ABO Wind also develops hybrid energy projects that combine solar parks with other technologies. Combining solar and wind energy farms within a community optimises the use of infrastructure. We have constructed such a combined solar/wind farm in the municipality of Gielert, Germany.

We also combine wind and solar farms with battery storage systems when needed. ABO Wind is currently implementing three of these hybrid projects in Germany, and is developing several projects in various countries such as Spain, France and Canada.



Best Practise Examples

Megala Kalyvia

Megala Kalyvia, Greece 

38 MWp, including 34.5 MVA substation EPC (2020) 

Létavértes, Hungary

Létavértes, Hungary 

6.2 MWp (2019) 


Püspökladány, Hungary 

6.5 MWp, freefield plant (2020) 

Poulina, Tunisia

Poulina, Tunisia 

1.5 MWp, rooftop installation for industrial self-consumption (2020)

Bodenwerder, Germany

Bodenwerder, Germany 

750 kWp, reuse of landfill (2019) 

Kossos, Greece

Kossos, Greece 

7 MWp, freefield plant on uneven ground (2019) 

Saidabad, Ιran

Saidabad, Ιran

1.3 MWp, remote desert site (2017) 


Joe Jellie

Joe Jellie
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