Barrel Law Wind Farm

Planning Application Submitted for Barrel Law Wind Farm

News Update 14 September 2017

ABO Wind, on behalf of Barrel Law Windfarm Ltd, has submitted a planning application to Scottish Borders Council for the proposed Barrel Law Wind Farm.

The development site, where a scheme for seven turbines is being proposed, is located approximately 7km south west of Ashkirk, 3.5km north-west of Roberton, 9km west of Hawick and lies 2km south of the operational Langhope Rig Wind Farm.

The outcome of the Environmental Impact Assessment work has helped shape the design of our proposed wind farm and has been presented in an Environmental Statement along with the planning application. Submission of the planning application follows a programme of pre-application consultation by ABO Wind with a wide range of stakeholders, including a public exhibition of the proposals at Roberton in March 2017. There will now be a further period of consultation, managed by Scottish Borders Council, when interested parties will be encouraged to register their views on the planning application.

Once our planning application has been registered by Scottish Borders Council, hard copies of the planning application and Environmental Statement will be available for the public to view in the following locations: Scottish Borders Council Headquarters, Hawick Library and Selkirk Library.  In addition, copies will be distributed to the Community Councils of Lilliesleaf Ashkirk & Middlem; Upper Teviotdale & Borthwick Water; Ettrick & Yarrow; and Hawick

Should you wish to make any formal representation to Scottish Borders Council regarding the proposal, this should be directed in writing to Scottish Borders Council Planning Department or on the Council's e-Planning website.

The Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement is available to download from our website using the link below. The full Environmental Statement can be purchased from us on CD for £25 or in hard copy for £975, please contact us should you wish one of these. Alternatively, the Environmental Statement and planning application documents will be available for download from Scottish Border Council's e-Planning website (reference number 17/01255/FUL).

Click here to download Barrel Law Non-Technical Summary

For further information, please contact Clark Crosbie, Head of Development, ABO Wind UK Ltd, Willow House, Kestrel View, Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, ML4 3PB.  T: 0800 066 5631  E:barrellawwindfarm(at)

A formal consultation period will take place once the planning application has been registered by Scottish Borders Council, when members of the public and other organisations, will have the opportunity to make their formal representations on the application to the Planning Authority.

Barrel Law Wind Farm Public Exhibition

News Update 24 March 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent public exhibitions for the proposed Barrel Law Wind Farm, held on the 23rd of March in Roberton. We appreciate people taking the time to find out more about our proposed development and for providing us with feedback.

A copy of the information panels and visualisation panels from this exhibition can be downloaded from the links below.

Information Panels Link
A7 Layby Visualisation Link
Ogilvie Cairn Visualisation Link 
Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) Link
Viewpoint Wirelines Link

The information above is provided on the basis of an initial design, and may be subject to change prior to submission of a planning application. Representations to ABO Wind on the proposed Barrel Law Wind Farm should be made in writing by 31st March 2017 using the contact details below.

ABO Wind UK Ltd, 1 Houstoun Interchange, Livingston, EH54 5DW
T: 0800 066 5631

Barrel Law Wind Farm Proposal and Upcoming Public Exhibition

News Update 22 February 2017

Barrel Law Wind Farm Proposal

We are in the process of preparing a revised proposal for Barrel Law Wind Farm, north-west of Hawick. The proposal site is approximately 2 km south of the operational Langhope Rig Wind Farm.

The Barrel Law site is highly suited to accommodate a wind farm due to its high wind speeds and few environmental sensitivities. The site is located in an area identified as having the Highest Capacity for wind farm developments in the Scottish Borders Council’s draft renewable energy supplementary guidance, and is located well outside the area being discussed for a proposed Borders National Park. The site has a readily available electricity grid connection, proven turbine delivery route and is relatively isolated, with only 15 homes within 3km of the proposed wind turbines.

We have started the process of developing the revised design, which differs from the Barrel Law Wind Farm proposal we submitted to Scottish Borders Council five years ago. The revised design will take into account all the reasons for refusal of the 2012 Barrel Law Wind Farm planning application. The key differences include reducing the number of turbines from eight to seven and moving the turbine cluster further north towards Langhope Rig Wind Farm, further from the Ale Water and the Ashkirk to Roberton Road.

We have commissioned technical and environmental professionals to evaluate potential environmental impacts of the proposal, to inform the detailed design of the wind farm. Following initial study results, we will be holding a public exhibition to display the wind farm design.

Barrel Law Wind Farm Public Exhibition

We would like to invite all interested parties to attend our upcoming public exhibition. If you are interested in the proposal, but unable to attend the public exhibition, please note the information panels and visualisation panels used for the public exhibition will be uploaded to this website following the exhibition. Alternatively you can get in contact with a member of the ABO Wind team for more details.

The public exhibition will be held as follows:

Thursday 23 March 2017
Forman Memorial Hall
Hawick, TD9 7LX
From 1pm until 8pm

For further information about the Barrel Law Wind Farm proposal, please email barrellawwindfarm(at), or call 0800 066 5631.

Barrel Law Planning Application Appeal

News update 26th August 2014

The renewable energy developer behind the Barrel Law Wind Farm application, ABO Wind UK Ltd., expressed its disappointment following the decision by the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals on 19th August 2014 to dismiss its appeal and refuse planning permission for a wind farm comprising eight turbines on open moorland around Barrel Law, approximately 8km north west of Hawick, in the Scottish Borders.

ABO Wind UK Ltd submitted the appeal in June 2013, following the decision in March 2013 by Scottish Borders Council to refuse planning permission.

Duncan Scott, Project Manager, ABO Wind UK, said, “We are, of course, extremely disappointed with the outcome of the appeal. We believe Barrel Law is a very good location for a wind farm and we worked very hard over two years on the design submitted, confident it met all relevant planning and design criteria. While the decision to refuse is clear, we are at a loss to understand how the factors relevant to our application were balanced in reaching the conclusion.”

“Taking all factors into account, we believe the planning balance was strongly in favour of allowing Barrel Law to proceed.”

Mr. Scott continued, “We are not in a position to comment further until we have had the opportunity of studying the detail of the Decision Notice.” 

Issued on behalf of ABO Wind by David Budge, Budge PR T: 0141 553 1115/07831 156333 or

Barrel Law Planning Application Update

Scottish Borders Council Planning & Building Standards Committee today refused the planning application for the Barrel Law Wind Farm.  The reasons for refusal related to adverse impact on Ministry of Defence operations at Eskdalemuir Seismological Recording Station and Deadwater Fell ATC Radar at RAF Spadeadam; landscape and visual impacts and impact on residential amenity.

ABO Wind has expressed its disappointment at the refusal of its planning application and has indicated that it will review in detail the Council’s decision before considering possible future options.

ABO Wind’s press release, issued following the refusal of the planning application for Barrel Law Wind Farm, provides further commentary on the grounds for refusal.

Click here to download ABO Wind’s Press Release, issued 04 March 2013

SEI Submitted for Barrel Law Wind Farm

In December 2012, ABO Wind UK submitted Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI) to present the findings of additional survey work we undertook at the site since the submission of a planning application in February 2012. The SEI provides further detailed information on the following issues:

  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
  • National Vegetation Classification and Assessment of Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems (GWDTEs)
  • Peat Depth, Characterisation and Carbon Payback

The SEI documents can be viewed and downloaded from the Scottish Borders Council Planning Applications website:

Barrel Law Wind Farm Proposal

The Barrel Law site is located west of the A7, roughly 3 km north of the village of Roberton and 9km north-west of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. The scheme would have an installed capacity of up to 24MW and consists of 8 turbines with a maximum blade tip height of 125m. Access to the site is from the B711 via Hyndhope/Alemoor Forest, using the access track to be constructed for the consented 23MW Langhope Rig Wind Farm that is being developed by SSE Renewables.
The planning application for the proposed Barrel Law Wind Farm was submitted to Scottish Borders Council on 14th of February 2012 and the application (Reference Number 12/00191/FUL). The planning application, including all reports and plans, including the full Environmental Statement and Supplementary Environmental Information documents, can be viewed online at and can be downloaded from, the Scottish Borders Council Planning Applications website:

Hard copies of the planning application and ES/SEI can be viewed at the Council HQ, Hawick Library and Selkirk Library and, by prior arrangement, at Ashkirk and Roberton village halls.  Hard copies of the application package can be purchased from ABO Wind.

The planning application followed over two years of surveys and studies undertaken as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposals, and a pre-application public consultation programme, agreed with Scottish Borders Council. Public Exhibitions were held in Roberton and Ashkirk on the 21st and 22nd of September 2011 and in Roberton on 12th January 2012, and we would like to thank those who attended and provided useful feedback about the project. ABO carefully considered all feedback and comments prior to finalising the proposed design of the wind farm and submission of the planning application. Copies of the photomontages which were displayed at the exhibitions along with the exhibition panels are available for download below.

To ensure that the local community gains direct benefit from the Barrel Law Wind Farm, ABO Wind proposes to contribute an annual payment to a community benefit fund. The fund would be allocated to support local projects and, based on the final size of an approved project, could result in well over £2 million being invested locally during the life of the wind farm.

For further information about the Barrel Law proposal, please email barrellaw(at) or phone 0800 066 5631

Document Downloads

Barrel Law Revised 2012 Photomontages
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Viewpoint Location 2, Wester Alemoor

Viewpoint Location 6, William Ogilvie Cairn

Viewpoint Location 13, Leap Hill

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Barrel Law Exhibition Panels

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