Local Community

ABO Wind strives to ensure the surrounding community embraces the wind farm through consultation and involving local residents and businesses in every stage of the development process. ABO Wind typically provides a Community Benefit Fund to be spent in the local area around a development.

A Community Benefit Fund is a voluntary financial contribution by a wind farm developer. An annual contribution is paid to the fund at an amount per megawatt of rated capacity. The funds are then allocated to benefit local projects via a local management body.

Funds generated would be used to support further sustainable development within the local community. Therefore ABO’s community benefits tie-in with the primary objective of a wind farm which is to create sustainable, low-carbon electricity.

ABO currently supports the following community benefit ideas:

  • Micro renewable examples: small wind turbines, solar panels, ground source heat pumps.

  • Community infrastructure, investments and programmes: household energy improvements, vocational training grants, educational facilities and training, recreational facilities

  • Environmental: wildlife habitat improvements, restoration, tree-planting, recycling projects

  • Community involvement through direct investment and ownership programmes

These community benefits can be adapted to suit the needs of the local community.  ABO Wind encourages community involvement within the local areas. As a result we would encourage locals to suggest their own ideas to us either by contacting us or by attending our public exhibitions we hold for each of our projects.