Managing Board

The Managing Board (from left to right): Andreas Höllinger, Dr Jochen Ahn, Matthias Bockholt and Dr Karsten Schlageter at Framersheim wind farm, Germany.


Andreas Höllinger (born 1966) started working at ABO Wind as a senior manager for financing in 2001. In September 2010 he was appointed to the Managing Board. He has been Chairman of the ABO Wind Managing Board since October 2018. He had already worked in the renewable energy sector before joining ABO Wind in 2001. He had been in charge of ecological products at a mutual fund company and for project financing at an international developer and operator of renewable energy projects.

Dr Jochen Ahn (born 1960) holds a doctorate in physical chemistry. Together with Matthias Bockholt he founded a company for the development of wind energy projects and other renewable energies. The company's then complicated (and not very SEO-friendly) name was later changed to ABO Wind AG (short for "Ahn & Bockholt") when it became a stock corporation. The families of both founders are majority shareholders and each own about 28 per cent of the stock. They both actively manage the company as managing directors. Before starting his own business in 1996, Ahn had worked as an expert for wind energy at the Ministry of the Environment of the German state of Hesse.

Matthias Bockholt (born 1966) studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Bingen and wrote his thesis on photovoltaic systems. After his graduation, he started working at the Hessian Ministry of Environment, where his task was to evaluate solar energy projects. There he met Dr Jochen Ahn, with whom he started today's ABO Wind AG at the age of 30.

Dr Karsten Schlageter (born 1973) is an industrial engineer and has worked at ABO Wind since 2013. Initially, as General Manager, he played a key role in establishing international business development. He has been a member of the Managing Board since October 2018. Before joining ABO Wind, Dr Schlageter built up the renewable energy business in Peru for EnBW. Prior to that, he worked in management consultancies.




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