ABO Wind expands Managing Board for an accelerated energy transition

ABO Wind expands Managing Board
Susanne von Mutius, Matthias Hollmann, Alexander Reinicke


(Wiesbaden, 23 June 2022) ABO Wind is well equipped to make a relevant contribution to the accelerating energy transition. To further strengthen these efforts, the company’s Supervisory Board initiated an expansion of the company’s Managing Board yesterday. As already reported ad hoc, the Supervisory Board intends to appoint three new members to the Managing Board. Susanne von Mutius, Matthias Hollmann, and Alexander Reinicke are to join the Managing Board in August. All three have already been working in responsible positions for ABO Wind for more than ten years. In addition, Dr Karsten Schlageter, who has been a member of the Managing Board since 2018, will take on the role of board spokesman in the future. As the previous chairman of the Managing Board Andreas Höllinger will be leaving the company at the end of July, the Board will then have six members.

"We have succeeded in significantly strengthening our Managing Board," emphasises Matthias Bockholt, one of the two company founders. "We have gained three experienced experts for this task who are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. In this way, we combine our dynamic growth with continuity and stability." Matthias Bockholt and Dr Jochen Ahn intend to step down as Managing Directors within the next three years and prospectively join the Supervisory Board. "Even after we leave the Managing Board in the medium term, we will remain closely connected to the company and will retain the majority of shares with our families in the long term." Together, the Bockholt and Ahn families currently own 52 per cent of the company's shares.

"We are gaining three new competent members for the Managing Board who ideally embody the ABO Wind culture," says Jörg Lukowsky, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. "I am looking forward to working with the newly appointed Board."

The new ABO Wind Managing Directors have so far been General Managers of central business units within the company. Susanne von Mutius is responsible for Project Financing and Sales in several core markets. Matthias Hollmann heads the technical departments (Electrical and Civil Engineering, Site Assessment) as well as the Purchasing of wind turbines, solar modules and components. Alexander Reinicke is responsible for Corporate Finance, Controlling, Human Resources as well as Administration.


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