First rating of the ABO Wind share by Metzler Bank

Wind Farm Arzfeld

(Wiesbaden, September 9, 2019) Guido Hoymann, analyst at Metzler Bank, has published a study on ABO Wind for the first time. He recommends to buy the share with a target price of 23.70 Euro. The specialist for companies in the energy sector emphasises the continuous profitability of the company and is impressed by the consistently expanded project portfolio under development. ABO Wind is currently working on future wind and solar parks with an output of 7,200 megawatts. This makes the company one of the largest project developers for renewables in Europe. Due to its still low prominence on the capital market, Hoymann speaks of a "hidden champion" among project developers.

ABO Wind has impressively demonstrated its ability to identify and exploit market opportunities faster than its competitors. Therefore, the analyst expects a continuation of the good business development. This is even more the case given the improving conditions for renewable energy projects: the costs of wind and solar parks are falling, while the urgency of fighting against climate change is becoming ever clearer.

The study, which is addresses institutional investors, is available on the Internet.


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