Canadian Minister impressed by energy trail in Weilrod

Catherine McKenna

(Wiesbaden/Weilrod, May 26th 2017) The Canadian Minister of Environment and Cimate Change Catherine McKenna hiked along the energy trail through the wind farm Weilrod. “It’s a very interesting way to learn more about renewables. The trail can be a model for similar projects in Canada”, she said after finishing the walk. The five kilometer hike is equipped with lots of information boards, quiz games and a playground. Built in 2014, the energy trail has become more and more popular and attracts thousands of people every year. It has strenghtened the local tourism and while hiking visitors learn about the history of energy production from wood fire to clean electricity. Further information about the trail can be found here (in German only).

Off-Grid with Renewables instead of diesel

On her way through the Wind Farm Minister McKenna and ABO Wind representatives discussed the possibilities of Off-Grid-Solutions and renewables in Canada. This technology is a promising option to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and crate socio-econiomic benefits for communities . “In remote canadian areas many communities still use diesel generators to produce energy. Wind Farms in combination with storage units can be an eco-friendly and cheaper option and help to strengthen the communities’ economy”, the Minister says. Oliver Bieber (director international business development at ABO Wind) agrees: “The possibilities for Off-Grid-Solutions and renewables in Canada are numerous. Thanks to our long-term-experience in Finland we know how to plan, built and operate Wind Farms in challanging climate zones. This knowledge is very helpful to find the best solutions for Canada.”

Hydrogen mobility to reduce carbon dioxid emission from transportation

ABO Wind made are also innovative concepts for cleaner transportation based on hydrogen and fuel cells, “many cities equip their bus fleets with clean hydrogen propulsion, hydrogen trains are coming soon and help to reduce particle emissions in sensitive areas, there are many yet unexplored applications, also in Canada”. says Dr. Thomas Nietsch, head of research and development at ABO Wind

On their way back to the airport, Minister McKenna was able to experience and see for herself the potential of hydrogen cars as she drove back in a fuel cell car.


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