Working at ABO Wind

Our employees are enthusiastic about renewable energies. Making a contribution to climate protection and the development of a future-proof energy supply is a big motivator to us. We put great value to a friendly and open work culture, where each one of us is committed to the success of our projects. Personal responsibility and accountability are more important to us than status symbols.



Committed Employees and Flexible Processes

Our colleagues not only feel responsible for their own tasks, but also keep the company’s wellbeing in mind. This entrepreneurial mindset means that we are constantly improving our work processes – regardless of responsibilities – and adapting them to changing requirements.

Central work is carried out in interdisciplinary project groups in which planners, business experts, electrical and civil engineers jointly consider how best to implement our wind and solar projects. The work is not defined by hierarchies, but by competencies and the common will to successfully contribute to the clean energy transition.

Free Courses and Mutual Appreciation

In addition to adequate pay, working at ABO Wind is characterised by friendly cooperation, opportunities for continuous training, freedom for professional development and working hours that allow for a fulfilling family life. Training courses on a wide range of topics are held regularly with internal and external speakers.

Several times a week there is the opportunity to learn or improve foreign languages. German, English, Spanish, Finnish and French are currently offered. The lessons are free of charge for the employees and take place on the premises of ABO Wind.

Mutual respect and trust generally characterise the work at ABO Wind. The friendly work atmosphere can be felt in the corridors and in the common room, where many colleagues meet to cook and eat their lunch.

With a mobility bonus, ABO Wind encourages as many employees as possible to travel in an environmentally friendly manner by bus, train or bicycle.

Vocational Training

ABO Wind has been officially accredited to train structural designers/draftspersons for several years. The first trainees completed their training in 2020.

 With ABO Wind towards the Future 

 We have welcomed more than 130 colleagues in the past year. New colleagues bring fresh ideas and experience from various sectors with them. As different as the colleagues are. are, they all have one thing in common: a high level of enthusiasm for the common goal. 

Victoria, Deutschland, Betriebsführung

Victoria, Germany, Operational Management

"When I was a student at university, I got to know ABO Wind as a student employee. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to join in directly after getting my degree." 
Benjamin, Frankreich, Elektroabteilung

Benjamin, France, Electrical Department

"ABO Wind has the benefits of a company with a wide variety of activities and the ambitions of a company with a lot of experience, making it possible to work on a large number of great projects." 
András, Ungarn, Geschäftsleitung

András, Hungary, General Management

"I wanted to work with an intercultural team in an international company. I have found an inspiring, motivating corporate culture and emotionally intelligent people at ABO Wind. These are the reasons why I enjoy working at ABO Wind and it is a good feeling that together with my colleagues I am contributing every day to fighting climate change and to preserving the world as much as possible for my children." 

Felipe, Deutschland, Hybride Energiesysteme

Felipe, Germany, Hybrid Energ Systems

"I was impressed by how one of the owners was involved in my selection process. That gave me the impression that they trusted me, and I knew that would motivate me to do my absolute best for our common goals, the installation of more renewables around the world. I feel this is my home now." 
David, Irland, Projektentwicklung

David, Ireland, Project Development

"ABO Wind is continuosly adapting and changing to new technologies and ways of thinking and working which I find really exciting and want to be a part of." 
Mireia, Spanien, Projektentwicklung

Mireia, Spain, Project Development

"ABO Wind is a leading company with talented employees that gives you the opportunity to rapidly upskill and advance professionally quicker than in other companies." 
Aikaterini, Griechenland, Projektentwicklung

Aikaterini, Greece, Project Development

"ABO Wind is one of the leading international players in the renewable energy sector. I have chosen a company that has a large portfolio of wind and solar parks under development and I would like to participate in their implementation." 


Nicolai Bremer

Nicolai Bremer

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